More about us and our mission..

Hello, our names are Ember Sheppard and Jeremy Ridgley and we are the owners of Recovery Nation. We started Recovery Nation because we are both recovering heroin addicts. The longer that we stay clean and stay together the more we feel a force pushing us to help others. We feel that it is our duty to help spread awareness and save lives in our community. While brainstorming and trying to come up with ways to do this we soon realized that we may be in over our heads. We dream of starting a detox center, or a local treatment facility, or even housing and after care. We soon realized that we do not have the money or know how to accomplish these goals, yet. As we thought long and hard about how to help the community we turned to the one thing that we do know, and that is t-shirts.

We decided to create a clothing line to spread awareness, create hope, and to allow those in recovery to be proud. Our goal is to remove the stigma from addiction and bring people together to support what they have overcome. As our business builds our opportunity to help people increases significantly. Some day we plan to host events that will bring our community together. We want to show people that recovery is cool!

Recovery gives second chances that would never have been possible while still in active addiction. Recovery has given us the opportunity to help others. It gave our children the chance to have a good, stable life. It has also given our parents their children back. Recovery is beautiful and it not only needs to be shared, but celebrated.

What are we asking for? The answer is support from our community. We are hoping that word of our business and what we are trying to accomplish will spread. We want to assist in any way that we can. If we can be part of events as speakers, or even by selling apparel and spreading hope, please let us know. We appreciate you taking the time to read a very small piece of our story. We want to make people aware that we are here and fighting as many people are. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can be of help. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Recovery Nation LLC

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